Berlin based electronic duo EVVOL have released a short film for the excellent title track off their new EP, Physical L.U.V. The band describes the video thus;

“We feel ‘Physical L.U.V’ is a pop song for 2016, a truth-telling story about motivations and expectations, and we wanted a video to match that. Produced in rural Germany, our short film tells the story of Luka, a genderqueer teenager whose everyday life consists of creating creamy ice-cold milkshakes in a gym and taking good care of the equipment. The story begins when Luka hitches a ride from a farmer in a tractor after work and encounters his daughter. Back at her parents’ dairy farm, they experience a special kind of ‘Physical L.U.V.”

The Faraz Shariat video also “stars” Julie Chance and Jane Arnison themselves as they order from “Luka” in their very best German! Physical L.U.V. is out now. Buy HERE.

UPDATE: New track, the sensual ‘Comfort Fit’ streaming below video


Physical L.U.V.

From the EP, ‘Physical L.U.V’, k7 Recordings.

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Official Video


Comfort Fit

From the EP, ‘Physical L.U.V’, k7 Recordings.

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