Stockholm DIY producer/multi-instrumentlist/vocalist Feyona Naluzzi, aka Pheeyownah is set to release her first non self-released EP, zero9zero9 on June 10 through Labrador Records. It contains four tracks that range from the dark syncopated bookends, ‘Vivid, Fearless’ and ‘Cold Black Deserts’ to the the dramatic beat filled ‘Stains’ and the understated warmth of ‘Mountain Peak, Mountain Drop’. Given her predilection for self releasing her music and controlling her art, her statement about past offers and signing to Labrador is telling on two fronts;

“I’ve had proposals before but they’ve always wanted to control my sound and me. On Labrador, I can do things my own way.”

Stream first single, ‘Vivid. Fearless’ below and pre-order the 12″ HERE.


1. Vivid, Fearless
2. Stains
3. Mountain Peak, Mountain Drop
4. Cold Black Deserts


Vivid, Fearless

Pheeyownah (SWE)
From the forthcoming EP, ‘zero9zero9’, Labrador. Out on June 10.

Pheeyoenah Official

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