Los Angeles producer KAUF has dropped another meticulously crafted gem, the warm and inviting yet somehow simultaneously cold and distant, ‘A Ruin’, following up the organic ‘Through The Yard’ . Using his growing vocal talent to salient effect, the track evokes longing, almost nostalgic vibes with its deep layered synths, punchy open basslines and shuffling percussion yet there is a sense of foreboding throughout, that something is not quite right. This duality he does so well. Can’t wait to hear his forthcoming album, to be called Regrowth, set down for later this year. Listen to the new track below and download it for a NYP arrangement for the next month. This release also gives us a chance, if you haven’t already done so, to get you to check out Fort Romeau’s remix of the previous single as well out on Permanent Vacation.


A Ruin

From the forthcoming album, ‘Regrowth’, Self Released. Date TBA.

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Through The Yard (Fort Romeau Vocal Remix)

From the single, ‘Through The Yard (Fort Romeau Remixes)’, Permanent Vacation.

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