Tampa’s veritable pop/rock saboteurs Merchandise love to fuck with your head and their own. After their first album, the lo-fi like (Strange Songs) In The Dark, they employed a more hook oriented pop direction on Children Of Desire (also Drugged Conscience) and went almost danceable on the grand Total Nite for Iowa City label Night People. Then, in 2014 they confounded many early followers with a sudden clean up in sound and slight change in direction on their slick but actually not so slick third album After The End for big independent 4AD. Now they announce the release of their new long player, A Corpse Wired For Sound, a kind of thematic reaction of sorts to that change. Now stripped back to a trio for recording purposes, a few weeks back they released what turned out to be the album’s first single, the delay laden ‘Flower Of Sex’, and now they twin the record’s announcement by sharing the video for the at once gorgeously careless yet purposely pensive ‘End Of The Week’, fully equipped with its enveloping melodious distorted squall. The album title is all telling;

We were ‘reborn’ as a rock band for After The End and then we straight-up died again.  It couldn’t last.  The result is this distended corpse responding to you from both sides of the Atlantic, forever singing in spite of everything.”  Dave Vasselotti.

It’s about the truth of growing up.  You can’t take your friends or lovers with you.  It’s about finding peace with that loneliness. Carson Cox.

Watch ‘End Of The Week’ below and pre-order A Corpse Wired For Sound on vinyl HERE. The release coincides with a massive three month tour that bookends North America and centres in Europe starting September 22 in Miami and ending just before the end of the year in New Orleans.


1. Flower Of Sex
2. Crystal Cage
3. Right Back To The Start
4. End Of The Week
5. Lonesome Sound
6. Shadow Of The Truth
7. Silence
8. I Will Not Sleep Here
9. My Dream Is Yours


End Of The Week

Merchandise (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘A Corpse Wired For Sound’, 4AD. Out Sept. 23.

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