Perth now London based artist Amanda Merdzan released her impressively diverse new EP Commands this week, an intensely personal collection of five tracks that were written across the past year. Each are indicative of the growth in her songwriting since 2013 debut EP The Map Has Been Redrawn. Merdzan has spoken of the EP being a reflective journey towards self-acceptance in the face of social adversity and personal loss. The employment of delicately appropriate electronic effects and the expert utilisation of her undoubted production abilities allow her emotive and introspective musical arrangements to achieve space and subtlety despite heavy lyrical territory. It is within this context that Merdzan manages to seamlessly convey layered meanings in both music and word, and that is no easy feat. Listen to the self released EP in full below and buy it digitally HERE.


Commands EP

Amanda Merdzan (AUS)
From the EP, ‘Commands’, Self Released.

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