Memphis punk quartet NOTS have shared a second track from the forthcoming album Cosmetic, the manic, yet downcast, ‘Inherently Low’. With ‘Entertain Me’ just hitting the top ten of our Top 30 countdown, the quality of both tracks has more than whetted the appetite here for the album release.

Despite all its raucous energy, guitarist/Vocalist Natalie Hoffman has described the track as one that tries to represent the depressing state of social stultification, a society cowered and crushed by the controlling corporate elite;

“It deals very much with depression and loss. The chorus describes a feeling of being trapped in your current state of mind, so much so that it begins to feed upon itself and falsely make you believe that you always were and always will be that way. I believe that in many ways this feeling is created and perpetrated by a society that is set up to purposefully keep many people low – undereducated, unable to be healthy, and just generally depressed at the current state of affairs in the world – in order to benefit a select group who hold the strings, and who will do anything to keep control.”

Hoffman is so fucking spot on and unfortunately, the systemic lies, deceit and total control emanating from the top has never been more prosaically yet tightly applied. Listen to ‘Inherently Low’ below. Cosmetic is out September 9 on Goner Records. Pre-order it HERE.

Tracklist – Cosmetic

1. Blank Reflection
2. Rat King
3. Cold Line
4. New Structures
5. Cosmetic
6. No Novelty
7. Inherently Low
8. Fluorescent Sunset
9. Entertain Me

Inherently Low

From the forthcoming album, ‘Cosmetic’, Goner Records. Out on Sept. 9.

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