Split Single, the project of Jason Narducy, touring band member for Bob Mould and Superchunk, has announced the forthcoming release of their their album, Metal Frames. Again teaming up with fellow Superchunk and Mould member Jon Wurster (drums), this time he’s drafted Wilco bassist John Stirratt to complete the trio.  The first single is the muscularly spatial yet restrained ‘Leave My Mind’ which you can sample below. The album drops on November 18. Pre-order here.


1. Glori
2. Untry Love
3. Blank Ribbon
4. Leave My Mind
5. Still Invisible
6. Tried Goodbye
7. White Smoke
8. Silences Mercy
9. Perilous Pill
10. Evaline Make Believe
11. Goodnight World


Leave My Mind

Split Single (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Metal Frames’, Self Released.

Split Single Official

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