The Radio Dept. have released a new single, ‘We Got Game’. It’s confidently and beautifully crafted resistance advocacy against the rise of divisive right wing politics and cold and impersonal corporate power. Ethereal synths in a myriad of forms wrap their hooks and melodies around propulsive arpeggio counterpoints as Johan Duncanson lauds powerful organised resistance to the rise of insidiously destructive racist and fascist groups and the right wing governments and monied class who either condone or pander to them. In whatever form that needs to take. And the single cover art where the protagonist is wearing a beanie sporting the logo of anti-fascist organisation ANTIFA is telling. Their new album ‘Running Out Of Love is out October 21 on Labrador. Pre-order the vinyl here. Just two more weeks!


We Got Game

The Radio Dept. (SWE)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Running Out Of Love’, Labrador. Out Oct 21.

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