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Last week saw Montreal based artist/producer Marie Davidson release her third album Adieux Au Dancefloor. It follows just a year and a half since her last, the excellent electronic experimentalism that was Un Autre Voyage. The second track to appear following the mechanistic and metronomic ’Good Vibes’ is the frenetic, economical and spoken word driven ’Naive To The Bone’. Both tracks reflect Davidson’s slightly new dance oriented direction in a solo sense but those familiar with her work in Essaie Pas won’t be too bowled over.

The decision to go more upbeat came after a four month stint in Berlin on the back end of an Essaie Pas tour of Europe. It stemmed from her binary views of dance music and club culture in general, which she finds fascinating and captivating in one sense but is repulsed by and feels revulsion towards in another. This is seemingly reflected in the energetic yet minimal and austere sounds of the first two tracks shared. And lyrically, the first two lines of each signal that Davidson’s no holds barred and honest social criticism is never far away.  ‘This song is dedicated to all the jealous people’ (Good Vibes) and ‘It seems like honesty is not so fashionable these days’ (Naive To the Bone -listen below).

Adieux Au Dancefloor at this stage is a vinyl only release. Apparently, a digital release is coming soon. The wax can be purchased through Minimal Wave’s sub label Cititrax here.


Side One
1. I Dedicate My Life
2. Interfaces
3. Naive To The Bone
4. Denial
5. La Femme Ecarlate

Side Two
1. Good Vibes (Mocking Birds)
2. Inferno
3. Planete Ego
4. Adieux Au Dancefloor


Naive To The Bone

Marie Davidson (CAN)
From the album, ‘Adieux Au Dancefloor’, Cititrax. VINYL ONLY

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