Paris based artist Cléa Vincent first appeared on our radar back in late June with the release of her excellent single, ‘Jmy Attendais Pas‘. We loved it so much it spent a number of weeks in our Top 30 chart. It’s the lead track on her brand new debut album Retiens Mon Désir (Hold My Desire) which has its release proper today after a week on a popular streaming service.

Across its eleven diverse tracks the album covers a wide range of pop genres and is sung in full in the classic French style, the language being utilised to full effect in thoughtfully constructed vocal arrangements. Sound wise, she has created a kaleidoscopic blend of the organic and the synthetic employing rhythm as a tool to change sonic directions within tracks as well as employing doses of jazz, lounge and soul, especially towards the record’s back end. As witnessed on the lead track aforementioned which blossoms into a funky piece of disco pop, Vincent also has a penchant for subtle track build up’s which always end up exactly where she wants them, restrained but extremely effective. This can also be seen on the album’s closing track, ‘Clair Obscur’ in particular.

The reworked title track basks in a radiant glow, the lights dimmed, Vincent’s exquisite voice front and centre. ‘Electricite’ uses contrasts of lounge and funk expertly and ‘Soulevant’ (Rising) is a piece of pop gold with its verses sung in classic chanson style that contrasts perfectly with its driving pop chorus. The mood created by ‘Aprés Le Soleil’ (After The Sun) matches its dusky title while the also reworked ‘Château Perdu’ takes things down a notch with its introspection and delicate tones before it total transforms and heads into a heavenly sax dominated outro.

The playfully triumphant ‘Achéte-le Moi (Buy Me) follows the late night inspired interlude while ‘Prends Ton Sac (Grab Your Bag) sports a starry like shimmer across its delicate construction.  ‘Amanda’ positively glows in its laid back guise before blossoming into full party mode.

In Retiens Mon Désir, Vincent has produced a more than satisfying debut. It’s most impressive aspect though is its risk taking. Experimenting with different styles and sonic hues is often eschewed by artists that trade in pop but here Vincent embraces the approach with gusto, never overdoing it, but never afraid to go in directions you wouldn’t expect, the true trademark of artistic independence.

Listen to two tracks, ‘Soulevant’ and the 2016 version of ‘Château Perdu’ below and in case you missed its goodness, ‘Jmy Attendais Pas’ is there too. Retiens Mon Désir is out now through Midnight Special Records and available on all formats, including vinyl here.


1. Jmy Attendais Pas
2. Retiens Mon Désir
3. Electricité
4. Soulevant
5. Aprés Le Soleil
6. Château Perdu
7. Session
8. Achéte-le Moi
9. Prends Ton Sac
10. Amanda
11. Clair-obscur



Cléa Vincent (FRA)
From the album, ‘Retiens Mon Désir’, Midnight Special Records.

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Chateau Perdu

Cléa Vincent (FRA)
From the album, ‘Retiens Mon Désir’, Midnight Special Records.

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Jmy Attendais Pas

Cléa Vincent (FRA)
From the album, ‘Retiens Mon Désir’, Midnight Special Records.

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