Ultra reflective Melbourne quartet Lower Plenty have come together again for a brand new album, Sister, Sister set for release next month, their first since 2014’s Life/Thrills. The four members Al Montfort (Dick Diver, Total Control, The UV Race), Jensen Tjhung (Deaf Wish, Exhaustion), Sarah Heyward (The Focus) and Daniel Twomey (Deaf Wish) don’t come together often, busily focused as they are on a myriad of musical and art projects but when they do the results speak to a collective cathartic and rewarding writing process delivering both the introspective and the personal, the indirect and the political, through a recording process that is vintage in its lo-fi and DIY aethestic.

The first track to surface is the album opener, Bondi’s Dead. Montfort’s dry vocal delivery, Tjhung’s subtle melodies and its ramshackle sound and rhythmic sway appropriately captures its subject matter, the use of iconic Bondi as a lyrical vehicle to lament a society at the risk of going socially backwards where ignorance is increasingly celebrated and understanding increasingly denigrated.

Sister, Sister is out on November 18 on Bedroom Suck Records in Australian and New Zealand with Omnian Music handing the international release. Get the single here and pre-order the album here. Mighty good stuff.


1. Bondi’s Dead
2. Glory Rats
3. So It Goes
4. Run Run Run
5. Ravesh
6. All The Young Men
7. On Off On Off
8. Cursed By Numbers
9. Shades Of Love
10. Treehouses


Bondi’s Dead

Lower Plenty (AUS)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Sister, Sister’, Bedroom Suck/Omnian Music. Out Nov. 18

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