If the first single, ‘Cold Fear’ is anything to go by, another two doses of quietly relentless psychedelia are on their way from Portland based electronic outfit Moon Duo. They’re set to release Occult Architecture across two volumes in 2017 with volume one to drop in February. According to their publicity release, the two volumes represent the oppositional forces of dark and light with the first representing the darker side of energy and existence. ‘Cold Fear’, with its dirge like bass qualities and automaton beat is quintessentially dark in design with only its disorienting synths and warped guitar lead to brighten up proceedings. Occult Architecture Vol. 1 is out through Sacred Bones on February 3. Pre-order here.


1. The Death Set
2. Cold Fear
3. Creepin’
4. Cross-Town Fade
5. Cult of Moloch
6. Will of the Devil
7. White Rose


Cold Fear

Moon Duo (USA)
From the forthcoming album, ‘Occult Architecture Vol. 1, Sacred Bones. Out Feb. 3.

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