Melbourne “revenge” pop duo GLOVV (pronounced Glow) are set to release their long awaited debut album Reprisal . If you recall our post on the new Stationary Suns 7″ EP recently, GLOVV are made up of one half of that band, Lei and Mai Gryffydd. The twins have been plying their trade since 2009 firstly under the name Hissey Miyake and in this incarnation since Matt Jonas left in 2012. GLOVV employ a mixture of instrumentation and electronics ensconced within a DIY, no wave, post disco and pop like framework, dark and strangely enveloping. The Mai Gryffydd made video for uneasy album opener ‘Summer’ is below. The colourful yet out of focus visual suits the track’s sparkling darkness perfectly. Reprisal is out on vinyl through the Gryffydd’s own label Identical Records early December.


Side A:

  1. Summer
  2. Running
  3. Lost At Sea
  4. Treading water
  5. Remember Me

Side B:

  1. Jenny Holzer
  2. So Far
  3. Think twice
  4. Tainter of Hearts
  5. Great success



From the forthcoming album, ‘Reprisal’, Identical Records.

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