Barcelona born artist Gisella Fulla-Silvestre, aka NOIA, gives right wing conservatism the full finger on her artistic new Laura Martinova directed video for ‘Nostalgia del Futuro’, a cautionary tale about those invoking and/0r ignoring the past to idealise the future. It comes from Fulla-Silvestre’s recently released Habits EP and sees her tellingly draped in reds and blacks in the Jardins Del Teatre Grec, a Greek styled Barcelona amphitheatre damaged by Franco’s fascist forces during the Spanish Civil War. If one knows a little about Spanish and Catalan history, the colours and the intent of both director and artist should be lost on no-one. Indeed, even if one doesn’t, the growing lurch towards exclusionary and authoritarian politics in both Europe and the U.S provides the modern snapshot.


Nostalgia Del Futuro

From the EP, ‘Habits’, Cascine.

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