Melbourne producer Roland Tings has signed to one of our favourite independent music labels Cascine and released a brand new single to boot, the buoyant house number, ‘Eyes Closed’, a track he calls ‘cold euphoria’. It’s his first single since releasing his self titled LP in 2015. In his own words;

“I wanted to make a song that would capture what I could only describe as cold euphoria. The exhilaration of being feeling untethered after a long time in the same routine. The intoxicating smell of eucalyptus after a long time in the city.” He continues,  “I wanted to make something that captured the beauty of that coastal landscape in winter. The way the trees on the windward side of the headland grow with twisted branches, braced against the southerly storms. I wanted to make something that sounded like total release, coming out of a dark place into somewhere filled with light.” 

Currently supporting RUFUS in North America, he returns home to play Beyond the Valley and Laneway over the Australian summer. Listen to the track below and buy it digitally here.


Eyes Closed

Roland Tings (AUS)
From the single, ‘Eyes Closed’, Cascine.

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