Photo: Mikey Duran

One of the attractions of living outside mainstream culture is the richness, diversity and dexterity of independently made music. The understanding that life along with its artistic representations can mean one thing and another simultaneously, be completely separate yet still connected, organic yet manufactured, singular yet multi-faceted is just simply, liberation. The new single, ‘Dead Weight’ from Portland’s Floating Room, the project of Maya Stoner and Kyle Bates is a little slither of that experience, held down by its musical core but lifted by its weightless edges. Drudgery and wonder – sounds like life really. ‘Dead Weight’ comes from their new album Sunless, released last week and out now digitally for a most generous US$3 here.


1. Sad God
2. Dead Weight
3. Bed
4. Netsuke
5. Warm Death
6. Fun
7. Sunroom
8. Driving
9. Sick Day
10. Canvas


Dead Weight

Floating Room (USA)
From the album, ‘Sunless’, Good Cheer Records.

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