Louisville quartet White Reaper are set to release their third album this April cheekily titled The World’s Best American Band. The first single, ‘Judy French’ is a big, in fact fucking big, dose of glam rock delivered in style boasting raucous riffs, punchy chords, crashing rhythms and frontman Tony Esposito’s pleading yowl. It’s a departure from the basement inspired lo-fi roots of their previous two releases. The World’s Best American Band is out on April 7 through Polyvinyl. Pre-order on all formats here.


1. The World’s Best American Band
2. Judy French
3. Eagle Beach
4. Little Silver Beach
5. The Stack
6. Party Next Door
7. Crystal Pistol
8. Tell Me
9. Daisies
10. Another Day


Judy French

White Reaper (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘The World’s Best American Band’, Polyvinyl. Out April 7.

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