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After six years and a plethora of singles, EP’s and collaborations (D∆WN, Kelela) Los Angeles based producer and Fade To Mind label founder Kingdom (Ezra Rubin) is set to release his debut album Tears In The Club this Friday. An emotional and intelligent ride, the subtle employment of his signature syncopated and poly-rhythmic beat stylings and labyrinth like percussive approach sit alongside the organic nature of his choice of esteemed vocalists like hand in glove. This is no better illustrated than on the emotively intellectual opening track, ‘What Is Love’ sung and largely lyrically penned by SZA (Solána Rowe). In totality, Tears In The Club is cutting edge R&B at its understated finest. Fiercely independent and eternally progressive. For insights into the making of the record read an interview with Rubin over at The Fader. Stream ‘What Is Love’ below and pick up a copy of the record on vinyl here.


1. What Is Love (feat SZA)
2. Each & Every Day (feat. Najee Daniels)
3. Nurtureworld
4. Breathless (feat. Shacar)
5. Tears In The Club
6. Haunted Gate
7. Nothin (feat. Syd)
8. Into The Fold
9. Timex
10. Down 4 Whatever (feat SZA)
11. Nothin (Club Mix) (feat Syd)


What Is Love (feat. SZA)

Kingdom (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Tears In The Club’, Fade To Mind. Out Feb 24.

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