This week saw the release of the long awaited debut album from Melbourne duo Beloved Elk. Distractions is both a work of raw strength and tense fragility that straddles the line between experimentation and accessibility. Restless drums and percussion played expansively by Tina Nguyen gives space to and simultaneously illuminates Amy Wright’s earnest vocals. Together the multi-instrumentalists bring an appropriately low key yet kaleidoscopic approach to tone and melody. Wright conveys the lyrical approach of the record thus;

This is an album for sensitive loners – those who retract into themselves when confronted by heartbreak and the general hurts of the world. When distractions are the most immediate solace; both meaningless and lifesaving.

Distractions is out now on Listen Records. Listen to the title track below and get a copy here. Beloved Elk play an album launch gig at The Curtin on March 3.


1. Cold
2. Hide
3. Ninety-Nine
4. Distractions
5. At The Gates
6. HSP
7. I Dealt The Devil I Dealt
8. Well Adjusted
9. Nothing Entirely
10. Together



Beloved Elk (AUS)

From the album, ‘Distractions’, Listen Records.

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