Next week sees the release of the self titled debut album from Portland duo Jessica Dennison and Jessica Jones. It is the result of a decade of collaboration between the two friends. The latter’s lead guitar work creates subtle yet lingering melodies that sub-consciously wind their way around the former’s sparse insistent rhythms, golden vocal hues and lyrical contemplation. The understated and beautifully paced ‘Confines’ is below. The record is available on vinyl here.


1 Heavy Flower
2. Greek Sculpture
3. Peace And Quiet
4. God Of Love
5. Confines
6. Wedgewood Drive
7. Gold And Blue
8. Dark Jewel
9. I’ve Been Darkness
10. White Oak Trees



Jessica Dennison + Jones (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Jessica Dennison + Jones’, Party Damage. Out Mar 3.

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