“This song belongs to trans people. For someone to know who they truly are and not be able to be that person because of fear and hate is an epidemic level spiritual tragedy. I hope things get better, and I think they will.” – Brian Harding.

 Los Angeles based artist Blond Ambition, the project of Ex Cops’ Brian Harding recently announced his the release date for his debut album, Slow All Over. To mark the occasion Harding, who left Brooklyn and embarked upon the Downtown inspired solo project last year with the with the advent of slew of singles including the excellent ‘Hurricanes’,  shared the glistening shuffle that empathetically emanates from first single, ‘Stupid Boy/Girl’. Listen below and pick up a vinyl copy of Slow All Over here. It’s out May 19.


1. Hurricanes 2
2. Speak
3. Shasta
4. Good News
5. F.S.L
6. Lights
7. Stupid Boy / Girl
8. Dillon
9. Necessary Lover
10. Confused 4EVR
11. Houses Of Reason
12. Dab Boi


Stupid Boy/Girl

Blond Ambition (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Slow All Over’, Swoon City. Out on May 19.

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