Montreal pop trio TOPS have announced a June release of their third album to be called Sugar At The Gate. The first single is ‘Petals’ where bass, keys, drums and songwriter/guitarist David Carriere’s arrangements effortlessly and breezily circle around Jane Penny’s rather yearning and quite forlorn lyrics. There has always been bittersweet forces at dispostional play throughout the band’s five year existence and the new single continues that. Listen below. Recorded in Los Angeles at ‘Glamdale’,  Sugar At The Gate, which follows the poignant Picture You Staring (2014) and the utterly to die for Tender Opposites (2012) is out through Arbutus on June 9. Watch for the vinyl pre-order here.


1.  Cloudy Skies
2. Further
3. Petals
4. Dayglow Bimbo
5. Marigold & Gray
6. Cutlass Cruiser
7 . Hours Between
8. I Just Wanna Make You Real
9. Seconds Erase
10. Topless




From the forthcoming album, ‘Sugar At The Gate’, Arbutus. Out Jun 2.

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