Photograph: Door of Love, Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany.

30. Koca Bir Saçmalık

Jakuzi (TUR)

From the album, ‘Fantezi Muzik’, Domuz / City Slang. Out internationally Mar 24.

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29. Benefits Of Solitude

Dag (AUS)

From the album, ‘Benefits Of Solitude’, Bedroom Suck/Omnian/Cargo. 

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28. Little Flower (feat Chloë Sevigny)

Peaking Lights (USA)

From the EP, ‘Little Flower (feat. Chloë Sevigny)/Conga Blue’, Two Flowers. Out Mar 24.

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27. Stupid Boy/Girl

Blond Ambition (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Slow All Over’, Swoon City. Out on May 19.

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26. Confines

Jessica Dennison + Jones (USA)

From the album, ‘Jessica Dennison + Jones’, Party Damage.

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25. Eternally

Julia Lucille (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Chthonic’. Keeled Scales. Out Apr 7.

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24. Judy French

White Reaper (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘The World’s Best American Band’, Polyvinyl. Out Apr 7.

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23. Right Time

Mr Tophat (SWE)

From the EP, ‘Trust Me’, Smalltown Supersound.

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22. Tour

The Courtneys (CAN)

From the album, ‘The Courtneys II’, Flying Nun Records. 

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21. Images

You’ll Never Get To Heaven (CAN)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Images’, Yellow K. Out March 24.

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