“champagne bubbling for the mighty…there are deaths and there are colonies, there are deaths and there are bulldozers, there are deaths and there are hospitals, there are deaths and there are radar screens to observe the dead as they die more than once in this life…oh white master where are you taking my people and yours, into what abyss is this…to what fathomless pit will you descend…an ideology for the insane…”

French soundscapists Oiseaux Tempéte have shared another track from their forthcoming double album AL-‘AN! set for release next month. We featured the first two tracks from the Middle Eastern inspired album by the Frédéric D. Oberland & Stéphane Pigneul led outfit a couple of weeks back. Now they’ve shared the 17½ minute epic that is the historically, politically and cosmically charged ‘Through The Speech Of Stars’. Oscillating between the urgent, abrasive and pounding and the contemplative and delicate, the track is overlaid by subtle street recordings and a telling spoken word piece by Dutch artist G. W. Sok (The Ex) that brings the stark message of the record front and centre. AL-‘AN is out April 14 through Sub Rosa. Pre-order it here.


Through The Speech Of Stars

Oiseaux-Tempête (FRA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘AL-‘AN ‘, Sub Rosa. Out Apr 14.

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