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“It’s me opening a box filled with 12 years worth of memories made while living there, with lots of beauty and sorrow, as well as total sunshine, blurriness, and some darkness all housed within. “It’s only in looking back that you realize how impermanent stuff always was, even though 12 years felt really long. The songs here have always been really special to me, and more so after bringing together these scraps and odes to memories of a burning motel, people from high school who are old now, or that Wawa convenience store on the Jersey shoreline which will probably always be there but is now so far away.”  Mary Lattimore.

Acclaimed harpist Mary Lattimore has announced the release of a set of tracks written over the last six years in the form of Collected Pieces to follow up her album from last year At The Dam. The first track she shared last week is the amazing 10 minute opener ‘Wawa By The Ocean’. It was inspired by a shop in her favourite beach town Ship Bottom in New Jersey which she explains in the above quote. Listen to the ever delicate and precise Lattimore and her 47 string Lyon & Healy Harp take you away below. Collected pieces is out April 14 through Ghostly. Pre-order it digitally and on limited edition cassette here.


1. Wawa By The Ocean
2. Bold Rides
3. We Just Found Out She Died
4.  It Was Late and We Watched The Motel Burn
5. The Warm Shoulder
6. Your Glossy Camry


Wawa By The Ocean

Mary Lattimore (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Collected Pieces’, Ghostly International. Out Apr 14.

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