Promise Keeper, the new project of Mood Rings frontman William Fussell is set to release the debut self titled album he’s been working on since his 2015 move to London. Last week he shared the first new single to come from it, ‘Endless Motion’. Giving more than a nod to the Canadian soft pop scene, the track sports a heavy intermittent funky bass line at its centre, from which Fussell works his subtle synth, slithers of sax and fragile vocals into a delicate nocturnal lather. The album, featuring appearances from TOPS and Better Person is out May 16th on Atelier Ciseaux. Pre-order it here.


1. My Host (feat. Better Person)
2. Endless Motion
3. Side Decide (feat. TOPS)
4. Promise Me Eternity 2
5. Still On Earth
6. Por A Ti
7. Backfired
8. Porous Silk


Endless Motion

Promise Keeper (USA/ENG)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Promise Keeper’, Atelier Ciseaux. Out on May 16.

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