“the song is about being alone in Asia, floating in a bubble and freezing in the tropics.” Åsa Söderqvist.

Shitkid, the lo-fi pop project of Stockholm based artist Åsa Söderqvist has announced the release of her debut record Fish. To mark the announcement, she’s released the Linda Hedström video to her latest single, the incessant and ascerbic ‘Tropics’. Watch Söderqvist’s ‘give a fuck’ performance as a mermaid below. Fits the track’s anti-slick feel and aethestic perfectly. The news comes just a month after the release of her latest offering, EP2. Fish is out June 2 on PNKSLM. Pre-order the album on limited edition vinyl here.


1. Never Seen A Girl Like Me
2. Sugar Town
3. Alright
4. Two Motorbikes
5. Tropics
6. On A Saturday Night At Home
7. Likagurl
8. Fish At Sea, Right?
9. Gettin’ Mad



Shitkid (SWE)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Fish’, PNKSLM. Out Jun 2.

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