Lots of big news out of the Italians Do It Better label today. It includes the announcement that Farah (Farah Holly Nemat) is set to release a new EP, The Only Ones. Check out all the news including a free download of the third track on it ’Baby Girl’ and news of new Nite Jewel and Twisted Wires releases over at Gorilla vs Bear. Listen to the starry eyed and pulsating yet appropriately stilted in Holly Nemat’s deadpan hands in the form of the title track below and pre-order a copy of the EP here. It’s out at the end of the week.


1. Introduction
2. The Only Ones
3. Baby Girl
4. Dancing Girls (Instrumental)


The Only Ones

Farah (USA)

From the EP, ‘The Only Ones’, Italians Do It Better.

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