Portland DIY outfit Little Star are set to release their self titled debut album later this week. The frenetic opening track, ‘Mood’ scored a video today. Watch that below and listen to the the whole album streaming over at Gold Flake Paint right now. It’s a multifarious affair that boasts careful and canny songwriting and a penchant for loose yet mathematical rhythms and the employment of left field hooks inserted right where you’d least expect. Grab a copy through Good Cheer Records here.


1. Mood
2. Yamaguchi
3. Calming Ritual #1
4. Calming Ritual #2
5. Imbue Yourself With Karen
6. Linda Blair
7. Improv
8. I Just Wanna Lie
9. Annacortes
10. Sonia
11. Blue Horses



Little Star (USA)

From the album, ‘Little Star’, Good Cheer Records.

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Official Video