Finnish electronic pop duo Burning Hearts have announced the release date for their long awaited new album Battlefields. It’s been five long years since we fell completely in love with their last effort Extinctions. The first stirrings of this new record came in the form of the singles ‘Ticket’ in 2015 and ‘Work Of Art‘ which was featured here last year. To mark the announcement of the new album, they’ve shared arguably their funkiest track yet, ‘Bodies As Battlefields’. Layered synths swirl around Henry Neuman’s space filled guitar chords as Jessika Neuman’s celestial vocals have never sounded better. And enlisting Tomas Bodén on the boards, who mixed The Radio Dept’s Running Out of Love, polishes the work off nicely. Battlefields is out May 19 on Solina Records.


1. Atacama
2. Folie à Deux
3. Work Of Art
4. Chaos and Drama
5. Bodies As Battlefields
6. In My Garden
7. Ticket
8. Did You Want To Save Me?
9. Atacama revisited 


Bodies As Battlefields

Burning Hearts (FIN)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Battlefields’, Solina.

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