A couple of months back we featured news of Kacey Johansing’s upcoming new record The Hiding and shared its first single, ‘Do You Want Me’. It is then fit and proper on the day of its release that we share another. ‘Bow And Arrow’ is the album opener and is another exemplary example of understated pop music at its very best. The Hiding marks Johansing’s first musical foray since leaving what she calls ‘the insular beauty of a tight-knit community’ and despite its heavy subject matter, there’s a feeling of freedom and release that emanates from every word, every tone and every note. It is indeed a work of immense beauty and well worth the wait. Listen to ‘Bow And Arrow’ below and get a copy of the record on all formats here.


Bow And Arrow

Kacey Johansing (USA)

From the album, ‘The Hiding’, Night Bloom.

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