TOP 30: JUNE 14, 2017. VOL: 9 NO. 18

TOP 30: JUNE 14, 2017. VOL: 9 NO. 18

Photograph: We Hate Tourism Van, LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal. (Jan 2017)

30. Machine Boi

Doldrums (CAN)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Esc’, Bande Dessinée. Out Jun 30.

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29. Flipped

Tearjerker (CAN)

From the single, ‘Flipped’, Self Released.

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28. Hey Boy

She-Devils (CAN)

From the album, ‘She-Devils’, Secretly Canadian/Inertia.

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27. Your Soul

Gothic Tropic (USA)

From the album, ‘Fast Or Feast’, Old Flame Records.

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26. Another Weekend

Ariel Pink (USA)

From the single, ‘Another Weekend’ b/w ‘Ode To The Goat (Thank You)’, Mexican Summer.

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25. The Vision

Solune (FRA)

From the EP, ‘The Hierophant’, Secretsundaze. 

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24. Dance Cave 

Martin Jenkins (ENG)

From the EP, ‘Dance Cave’, Transfusions.

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23. Falling

Forever (CAN)

From the single, ‘Falling’, Olympia Records.

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22. Roommates

Ten Sleep (CAN)

From the EP, ‘Suburban Lore’, Self Released.

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21. Bow And Arrow

Kacey Johansing (USA)

From the album, ‘The Hiding’, Night Bloom.

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