The last couple of months have seen as veritable slew of releases from the Portland based label Italians Do It Better. One of them is the debut album Escape From Berlin from In Mirrors, the Vancouver based collaborative project driven by Jesse Taylor. Across its 35 minutes it presents as a singular sound collage containing six diverse and dramatic electronic based compositions including a stripped back Stevie Nicks cover, ‘Escape From Berlin’* and the undulations and sonic surges of 14 minute closer ‘The Advocate’. It’s quite the trip. Listen to the Nicks rework below featuring the vocals of Suzanne and get the record digitally for a measly one US dollar or preferably on blood coloured vinyl here.


1. Escape From Berlin
2. I Saw Her Face In The Glass
3. Take Your Movement Away
4. Choose A Side
5. Rico
6. Take Your Movement Away (On Film)
7. The Advocate


Escape From Berlin

In Mirrors (CAN)

From the album, ‘Escape From Berlin’, Italians Do It Better.

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*The original track is titled ‘Doing The Best I Can (Escape From Berlin).