Last week [.que], the solo project of Shinjuku based artist Nao Kakimoto released a new album Wonderland through Athens based label Sound In Silence. It’s gestation period began in 2015 when Kakimoto scored the short film Kurokawa Wonderland. From that he composed ten instrumental short pieces of wistful and wide eyed ambience where attention to detail in composition and effect is ever present. It largely trades on carefully constructed and slowly enveloping atmospherics and field recordings built around melodies full of touching optimism. This is no better in evidence than on the track ‘Faraway’ which you can check out below. Get a copy of the album here.


1. Quiet
2. Faraway
3. Drip
4. Forest
5. Vast
6. Waterfall
7. Afterglow
8. Nostalgia
9. Laputa
10. Wonderland (album edit)



[.que] (JPN)

From the album, ‘Wonderland’, Sound In Silence.

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