London outfit Childhood released their second single in the lead up to the upcoming release of their second album, Universal High later this month. The uber silky and smooth ‘Cameo’ continues the soulful trajectory set by first single, ‘Californian Light’ and the move away from the more psychedelic and atmospheric approach that characterised their 2014 debut, Lacuna. It is reflective of the groove laden roots that surrounded guitarist/vocalist Ben Romans-Hopcraft while growing up in streets of South London and also channels doses of late 80s early 90s classic pop and funk. Romans-Hopcraft describes the influences thus;

“Universal High represents many things to us as a band. It signifies change, both musically and mentally whilst also revisiting influences that confounded our interest in music in the first place. What I think is noticeable is the direct nature of the songs and its influences. Being surrounded by soul music, classic pop songs and music with any form of groove all my life, these influences began to speak for themselves within these new songs we were writing”.

Listen to ‘Cameo’ below and in case you missed it back in April the Georgio Barber directed video for ‘Californian Light’ is there too. Universal High is out July 21 through Marathon Artists. Get it on wax here.


1. A.M.D
2. Californian Light
3. Cameo
4. Too Old for My Tears
5. Melody Says
6. Universal High
7. Understanding
8. Don’t Have Me Back
9. Nothing Ever Seems Right
10. Monitor



Childhood (ENG)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Universal High’, Marathon Artists.

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California Light

Childhood (ENG)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Universal High’, Marathon Artists.

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