“The single ‘Love’ is exceptionally delicate, aerial and light for us. But the love talked about is, obviously, not real or healthy.” Cats of Transnistria.

Helsinki experimental dreamscapists Cats Of Transnistria just released their exceptionally delicate yet dense new single, ‘Love’. Tuomas Alatalo and Henna Emilia Hietamäki have crafted a track as deep as the track’s title suggests and the addition of violinist Sanna Komi only adds to its air of unsettling beauty and mystery. It’s clear this is not a celebratory ode to a concept and feeling that captures and hypnotises us all at some stage in our lives but rather a cautionary one. While love may envelop and enthral, the way it consumes a person is more often than not detrimental. The slow, all consuming nature of the track and the way it wraps itself around the senses seems reflective of this. ‘Love’, out now here through Soliti is set to come from their second album which will see release early next year and follows up last year’s debut LP, Divine.



Cats Of Transnistria (FIN)

From the single, ‘Love’, Soliti.

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