San Francisco post punk quartet Flesh World have announced the release of their new album Into the Shroud two years after unleashing the excellent The Wild Animals In My Life, one of our faves from 2015. Flesh World has always revolved around Jess Scott and Scott Moore and their Bay Area musical adventures as artists and outsiders and In the Shroud actually features a whole new rhythm section in the form of Andrew Lutrell (bass) and Sam Lefebvre (drums).

Thematically, the album centres of the literary and artistic musings of both Scott and Moore, who have been delving into the works of writer and advice columnist Cookie Mueller, English singer and icon Billy Fury, gay photographer and pornographer J. Brian and French writer and artist Jean Cocteau while also taking note of the rapid changes under the rampant culture destroying neoliberal agenda occurring in the Bay vicinity as well as Los Angeles. Within this context its also about Scott and Moore searching for how to live a freer life as outsiders and as members of their independent artistic community.

In keeping with that search, the first single, ‘Destination Moon’ is actually a amped up cover of a 1982 bedroom demo from two British teenagers trading in minimal synth wave under the name Solid Space. Listen to them revel in the obscurity below and pre-order Into the Shroud here. It’s out September 8 on Dark Entries.


1. Destination Moon
2. Into The Shroud
3. Knock To Answer
4. To Hell With Your Purity
5. Problem In The Youth Bulge
6. Tell Me I’m In Exile
7. Ship Him To Shanghai
8. This Great Cheap Face


Destination Moon

Flesh World (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Into The Shroud’, Dark Entries. Out Sept. 8

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