Perth duo Hamjam are set to release their new album a/s/l? next month and have just released it’s first single, ‘Lean’. It’s a gorgeously paced number that nicely saunters along aided by some very cool and precise instrumentation highlighted by some canny nocturnal inspired sax work from Jack Doepel. Check out the track’s very sporty Julia Suddenly and Lyndon Blue directed video below. a/s/l? is out August 11 through Bedroom Suck/Omnian/Cargo. Pre-order here.


1. a/s/l? 
2. Lean 
3. Sippin’ Rose All Alone
4. Fleetwood
5. Can’t
6. Good Day
7. Ballad
8. Cooked
9. Sippin’ Rose All Alone (Robson’s North Perth Bowls Dub)



Hamjam (AUS)

From the forthcoming album, ‘a/s/j?’, Bedroom Suck / Omninan / Cargo. Out Aug. 11

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Official Video (Added August 4)