Just a year after his debut Psychic Lovers, Dinner, the project of trans-Atlantic Danish drifter Anders Rhedin has announced a new album, New Work. The first track from it, ‘Un-American Woman’ sees his usual idiosyncratic vocals wrap themselves around an yearning, ornamental jangle pop driven centre. Check out its the Andrew Van Baal directed video below. New Work is indicative of Rhedin’s determination to be more open and collaborationist this time around. As a result, it boasts contributions from Andy White (Tonstartssbandht), Charlie Hilton (Blouse), Rori McCarthy (Infinite Bisous, Connan Moccasin), Staz Lindes (Paranoyds) and a duet with Sean Nicholas Savage. It’s out September 8 on Captured Tracks. Pre-order here.


1. Un-American Woman
2. Don’t Belong
3. Walk Away
4. Siren Song
5. Marble Eyes
6. Illusions
7. Get Real
8. Copenhagen
9. Waitin’
10. Thwl


Un-American Woman

Dinner (DEN)

From the forthcoming album, ‘New Work’, Captured Tracks. Out Sept. 8.

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