Earlier this year Austin electronic producer Shawhin Izaddoost, aka VVV, released a collection of b-sides and rarities in mixtape format called Why El Paso Sky. Now he’s announced the release of his second album proper, Shadow World, and it comes a full three years in the making and a full six years after his 2011 debut Across The Sea. Thematically, the album represents Izaddoost’s desire to incorporate aspects of his heritage in the form of samples from classic Iranian vocal styles and instrumentation and these sit nicely together alongside his usual predilection for the ambient and half time rhythms. VVV recently shared the first track from the record, the dark and hypnotic ‘Spellbound’. Check it out along with its Jake Eide directed video below. Shadow World is out through Holodeck Records on October 6. Pre-order the vinyl here.


1. Bedside Manner
2.Give it Time
3. Circuit
4. Fifth Ring
5. Spellbound
6. Local Anaesthetic
7. Fire Temple
8. Reminder
9. The Decent




From the forthcoming album, ‘Shadow World’, Holodeck Records. Out Oct. 6

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