Photograph: Eye And Keyboards, Salamanca, Spain. (Jan, 2017)

30. More To Run

The Ocean Party (AUS)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Beauty Point’, Spunk/Emotional Response. Out Aug. 18.

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29. Tell Me All The Dreams You’ve Been Havin’

Brett (USA)

From the EP, ‘Mustangs’, 10K Islands.

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28. Cameo

Childhood (ENG)

From the album, ‘Universal High’, Marathon Artists.

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27. American Express

Molly Nilsson (SWE)

From the album, ‘Imaginations’, Dark Skies Association/Night School Records.

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26. Silver Tongue

Dakota (NET)

From the single, ‘Silver Tongue’, Manimal Vinyl.

Dakota Official

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25. Another Weekend

Ariel Pink (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Dedicated To Bobby Jameson’, Mexican Summer. Out Sep 15.

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24. Machine Boi

Doldrums (CAN)

From the album, ‘Esc’, Bande Dessinée.

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23. Unbreak My Bones

Ease (SWE)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Let It Burn, Let It Die’, Self Released.

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22. Speed Wagon Night Bride

Patricia (USA)

From the album, ‘Several Shades of The Same Color’, Active Cultures/Spectral Sounds.

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21. Love

Cats Of Transnistria (FIN)

From the single, ‘Love’, Soliti.

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