Berlin based DJ/Producer Anja Schneider dropped her powerful Twisty EP a couple of weeks back. The title track is a work of art in dance music terms as it veers of in a myriad of directions without distracting from its hypnotic and disciplined shape. The combination of rich and varied percussion choices give space perfectly alongside the track’s foreboding alarmist effects. Power is not often associated with ambience but it can be found in spades here. ‘Twisty’ appears alongside another original, ‘Freefall’ as well a remixes of both tracks by William Djoko and Alex Arnout respectively.

The EP is out now through Knee Deep In Sound. Get a copy of it here. As an aside, last week Schneider parted company with Mobilee Records, the label she began back in 2005 to start a new one called SoUS. One of its first acts will be to release her new album, her first for nine years. Looking forward to that.



Anja Schneider (GER)

From the EP, Twisty’, Knee Deep In Sound.

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