A couple of months back veteran NYC DJ/Producer Henry Maldonado, aka Son Of Sound, re-released an EP that was originally put out on his District 30 label earlier in the year. It came in the form of a three track classic house wonder titled The Love Up Beat Down . If you haven’t already come across it, dive in and immerse yourself in the infectious groove of opening track ‘Bout Love Again’ which, between its looped guitar hooks, tidy rhythm, wide eyed synths and percussive changes, will more than whet you appetite for the rest. Get a copy of the EP through label London label Classic Music Company  here

PS: Grab his ultra cool latest EP The Dusty Files here too while you’re at it.


1. ‘Bout Love Again
2. Need Each Other
3. Influence Is Bliss


‘Bout Love Again

Son of Sound (USA)

From the EP, ‘The Love Up Beat Down’, District 30 / Classic Music Company.

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