Late last month Northampton MA duo Boy Harsher announced the forthcoming release of a new EP titled Country Girl. The title comes off the back of a short film that was due to go into production this year but had to be temporarily shelved for personal reasons. After flooring us last year with their brilliant debut LP and our third favourite album of 2016, Yr Body Is Nothing, we’ve been hanging for some new material big time. It comes in the form of the pulsating yet softened and understated ‘Motion’, the opening track from the EP. The track also scored a video upon its release directed by M.J. Bernier and stars Kristina Esfandiari making her way through the cold, wet NYC night. Watch that below and order Country Girl here. Its out digitally on October 13 and on vinyl two weeks later through Ascetic House.


1. Motion
2. Country Girl
3. Underwater
4. Westerners



Boy Harsher (USA)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Country Girl’, Ascetic House. Out Oct 13/27.

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