Detroit crossover quartet Liquid Monk recently enlisted the dulcet tones of Kameryn Ogden for their excellent new track, the beautiful understated yet super sure of itself ‘Nighttime’. Rolling funk driven bass lines are glued to a stilted 4-4 beat that is complemented by some amazing hi-hat work. It’s a framework that more than fits the employment of a wide array of synth sounds and Ogden’s silky vocals. Together as a package its a superb affair. ‘Nighttime’ along with first single ‘Off The Rocks’ featuring Jaye Prime and Hugo Biggs will appear on their upcoming self titled debut album due out September 22 on Beverly Martel/IAMSOUND.


Nighttime (feat. Kameryn Ogden)

Liquid Monk (USA)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Liquid Monk’, Beverly Martel/IAMSOUND.

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