“look at that fucking skyline! big lazy money writ in dull marble obelisks! imagine all those buildings much later on, hollowed out and stripped bare of wires and glass, listen- the wind is whistling through all 3,000 of its burning window-holes!”

Montreal based collective Godspeed You! Black Emperor recently announced the release of their sixth full length album Luciferian Towers. Now they’ve shared the first track from it. Listen to blistering dystopia give way to unsettling fanfare on opening track ‘Undoing A Luciferian Towers’. With the diabolical state of this inequitable world where the worst are feted for their crimes, there are no celebrations here. The band describe the album’s purpose thus;

(Luciferian Towers is)”informed by the following grand demands: an end to foreign invasions; an end to borders; the total dismantling of the prison-industrial complex; healthcare, housing, food and water acknowledged as an inalienable human right; the expert fuckers who broke this world never get to speak again…. a thing we made in the midst of communal mess, raising dogs and children. Eyes up and filled with dreadful joy – we aimed for wrong notes that explode, a quiet muttering amplified heavenward. We recorded it all in a burning motorboat.”

Luciferian Towers is out September 22 through Constellation. Get it here.


1. Undoing A Luciferian Towers
2. Bosses Hang, Pt. I
3. Bosses Hang, Pt. II
4. Bosses Hang, Pt. III
5. Fam/Famine
6. Anthem for No State, Pt. I
7. Anthem for No State, Pt. II
8. Anthem for No State, Pt. III


Undoing A Luciferian Towers

Godspeed You! Black Emperor (CAN)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Luciferian Towers’, Constellation, Out Sept. 22.

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