Istanbul electronic producer Özcan Ertek aka Seretan, is set to release his third EP later this month. Titled ‘Persona’, it comes just eight months since previous effort Transference and again is thematic in scope, this time based around the idea of Carl Gustav’s cognitive processes theory. Each of its four tracks hones in on a form of consciousness and the control or lack thereof human beings have over thoughts and actions. The opener is ‘Thinking’, a collaboration with Berlin based Peruvian composer and instrumentalist Alejandra Luciana Cárdenas aka Ale Hop, who lends the track its brooding introverted side with her slightly submerged spoken word vocals and subtle use of guitar. Ertek employs pensive sounding melodies using eastern strings and synths that reflect mystery and uncertainty and then swirls them uneasily around an immense beat characterised by its extroverted intent. It’s heady stuff. Listen below. Between now and Persona’s 22nd September release, look out for a track to be shared each week continuing right here with the premiere of ‘Feelings’ this Friday.


Artwork by Ahmet Atil Akar


1. Thinking
2. Feeling
3. Sensation
4. Intuition


Thinking (feat. Ale Hop)

Seretan (TUR)

From the forthcoming EP, ‘Persona’, Self Released. Out Sept 22.

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