Melbourne jangle pop aficionado Tam Matlakowski, aka Tam Vantage released his new album Show Me To The Sun today. It heralds somewhat of a return to the melody driven songwriting approach that marked his days in Pop Singles and is his third solo outing of sorts after releasing his debut Life In High Definition in late 2015 and an EP, Setting Sun earlier that year. The debut album was more of a studio affair whereas Show Me To The Sun sees a more fuller live band sound marked by lush yet gritty guitars, winding bass lines and insistent rhythms. Lyrically it encompasses Matlakowski’s battle with anxiety and issues with the spotlight as well as his obsessiveness and predilection for self-reliance.

After the much deserved critical acclaim enjoyed by the only Pop Singles album, All Gone in 2012, attention Matlakowski was intensely uncomfortable with, he ended the band and eschewed all collaborations with others. Instead he focused on forging a solo path but as the Melbourne music “scene” is wanton to do, its not easy to stay alone for long. While playing with close friends, Chris Korczynski (guitar) and Rowan Docherty (bass) to bring the vision alive for his debut EP and album he joined Connor Hutchison’s band The Newsletters and both experiences rekindled his enthusiasm for collaboration. While the lyrical themes on Show Me To The Sun are still wrought with insularity, self doubt and negativity, the music is bright, upbeat and ultra-assured and indicates both an inner acceptance of sorts as well a modicum of defiance. And the contributions of Korczynski, Docherty and drummer Jack Molloy are crucial in that.

No track on the record is more indicative of this than closer and third single ‘Song From A Black Hole’. While a busy unremitting swing holds sway, fully rounded bass lines journey underneath sparkling guitar interplay capturing the joy that can come from being alone and in a good place. Listen to that be realised below.

The John Lee produced Show Me To The Sun is out now. Get it on all formats here. Vinyl and cassette numbers are limited to 200 and 30 respectively.


1. Faith
2. Grey Skies
3. Where I Belong
4. Portrait For A Friend
5. Sleep
6. Catch Me
7. Show Me To The Sun
8. You Don’t Know
9. Falling Down Like Snow
10. Song From A Black Hole



Song From A Black Hole

Tam Vantage (AUS)

From the album, ‘Show Me To The Sun’, Self Released / Side Stare

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