Photograph: Kjell B Persson

Swedish duo Club 8 recently announced the upcoming release of their 10th album Golden Island. Now into their third decade of existence, the announcement is marked by the release of the album’s restrained and mysterious first single, ‘Breathe’, which is further evidence of how Johan Angergård and Karolina Komstedt continue reinvent the project. Characterised by a slow meditative based soundscape created through the use of vintage synthesisers and field recordings, the air of mystery is punctuated by the hypnotic use of percussion instruments from the Maghrib and the Levant and Komstedt’s vocals, which rarely depart from just above a whisper. Listen to the track below. Golden Island will be out through Labrador early 2018.



Club 8 (SWE)

From the forthcoming album, ‘Golden Island’, Labrador Records. Out 2018.

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