Kieren Hebden, aka Four Tet has just announced the details behind the release of his new album and dropped an new track. Titled New Energy and due out in two weeks, it contains the wondrous track, ‘Planet’ which will be the albums closer and two others he shared before this news, the two part ‘SW9 9SL’ and the brooding yet hopeful strings laden ‘Two Thousand And Seventeen’.

Now he’s released another cut from the record in the form of ‘Scientists’ which begins with tentative percussion and a watchful bass synth melody before gradually unfolding into a more certain disposition with an authoritative bass beat, an emotive vocal sample and little doses of sax and trumpet to boot.

Lets hope the trajectory of the track foreshadows something equally positive for the future where the actually listens to scientists and starts seriously dealing with dangerous climate change and the criminal conservative Right is actually forced into submission.  They’re now sold out but its worth mentioning that upon announcing the release Hebden made 1000 copies on vinyl available to Oxfam to sell and raise some cash. Pre-order as normal through your normal channels and listen to ‘Scientists’ below. New Energy is out via Hebden’s own Text Records on September 29.

NOTE: He’s also given word that his much sought after track, the sample heavy house laden ‘Question’ will be released on vinyl under his KH moniker.



1. Alap
2. Two Thousand and Seventeen
3. LA Trance
4. Tremper
5. Lush
6. Scientists
7. Falls 2
8. You Are Loved
9. SW9 9SL
10. 10 Midi
11. Memories
12. Daughter
13. Gentle Soul
14. Planet



Four Tet (ENG)

From the forthcoming album , ‘New Energy’, Text Records.

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